Monday, September 20, 2010

Back Row Rebel

*Design 1*

*Design 2*

*Design 3*

Item Name : Back Row Rebel
Material : Soft cotton
Size : Fits uk4-8
Colour(s) :

Design 1 Black with silver speckles
Design 2 Grey with silver speckles (sold)
Design 3 Black with gold speckles

♥ ATTENTION LADIES. It's about time to pay some attention to the BACK benches. Slimming cut and material. Gooorgeously sexy and dangerously plunging backline, plus a little row of jewels to keep things interesting ;) Pair it with some tights and you're all set for a wild, night out ;) Look sexy, without being OTT & trampy, now noone wants that look!


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